About Webster Place

WEBSTER PLACE is a comfortable, dignified, and serene recovery community, located just 88 miles north of Boston. Our facility is situated on the private, rural home of former statesman, Daniel Webster. The recovery center can accommodate up to 40 residents, in a 34,000 square foot complex.

We are surrounded by fields, trails, and beautiful country scenery, and our property borders the Merrimack River. Our semi-private accommodations are well appointed, and every room has its own bathroom. Our furniture is eclectic, casual, and comfortable. Community spaces, meeting rooms, and gathering areas are welcoming, and relaxing. Our common areas allow residents to write, share, or just relax. We respect each other’s individuality and privacy. We encourage some quiet time during the day to reflect, journal, and read.

Our recreational area is geared towards exercise, music, karate, yoga and more. We take time to walk on our property, play volley ball and use our rope swing at the river. Our riverside picnics are just one of the ways we enjoy sobriety at Webster place. Field trips to museums, outside meetings and recovery events are always fun. Our program enhancements include acupuncture, knitting, gourmet cooking, music, meditation, writing, arts, crafts and exercise.

Our meals are always plentiful and delicious. There are always wonderful aromas coming from our kitchen through out the day. Family style dining gives us time to get to know each other, and share our experience, strength, and hope.

The real reason that folks come to Webster Place, however, is to find a way to recover from addiction to alcohol and drugs. Our days are filled with lectures, meetings, group discussions, positive seminars, and special presentations. Our goal is to stay sober and help someone else achieve sobriety. We invite you to get sober with us.

Our admission team is ready to discuss your own personal journey into recovery. Call us today at 603-934-2020.