About Webster Place Recovery Programs

WP RainbowWEBSTER PLACE RECOVERY CENTER is located in Franklin, New Hampshire, just 88 miles north Boston. This wonderful facility is comfortable, serene, and dignified. We welcome women and men, 18 and up, to achieve sobriety, and stay sober with us. Our buildings are located at the rural country homestead of statesman, Daniel Webster. In 2008, our home received an extensive two million dollar makeover. Our campus is peaceful and relaxing. At Webster Place, we are GROWING INTO RECOVERY!

In 2011, the overall management and day to day operation of Webster Place was assigned to Easter Seals of New Hampshire, a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation. Easter Seals and Webster Place together are committed to providing a positive, successful, and lasting experience for our residents.

Webster Place is an alcohol and drug recovery community. Our substance abuse treatment at Webster Place is peer-based support and we believe that one person in recovery can help another person who wants to recover. The Webster Place staff practices a proven 12-Step program, and we share our experience, strength and hope with our residents. We are non-medical and non-clinical. Our staff provides guidance, coaching, and mentoring. We subscribe to the principles the twelve steps.

The length of stay at Webster is open-ended, and most residents initially commit to a 30 day program. After the work begins, and our residents start to see the wonderful changes in their lives, many decide to stay longer. The average stay is over 45 days. Some residents stay with us for up to 90 days.

All residents are assigned to a recovery coach who will spend quality time in a one on one setting. The coach will monitor growth and challenges, and is the go-to person for special needs and concerns. Prior to discharge, the recovery coach will present an after care plan that includes sober living ideas, half-way house suggestions, IOP options, and lists of twelve step meetings back in the home area.

Residents will be responsible for self-administering prescribed medications. If an emergency comes up, our local hospital is only two miles away. Therapists, LADC counselors, and dentists are available in our community.

The work of recovery is challenging and we take time every day to try something different. It’s important to break the stress of early recovery, so we participate in diversified activities that include gourmet cooking, gardening, yoga, acupuncture, music, karate, meditation, writing, knitting, arts and crafts. We also host chaperoned field trips to museums, recovery events, and appropriate AA functions.

Mealtime is important, and we encourage residents to relax during this time. We share and communicate with each other, as well as with our team. Our family style dining is bountiful, and healthy. Special dietary needs are handled without a hitch.

Our resident’s accommodations are relaxing and comfortable. Residents live in well-appointed double occupancy rooms, and every room has its own full private bath. At Webster Place, residents help with simple housekeeping chores. We are proud of our home away from home, and we take care of our place, and each other.


Admission is an easy three step process.

  1. Admission interview: Start by calling our admission coordinator at
  2. Physician’s waiver:Physicians Waiver under admissions, and have the waiver completed by your primary care physician.
  3. Financial considerations: As a non-profit corporation, our tuition is due upon admission.

At Webster Place Recovery Center, we are GROWING INTO RECOVERY, and we invite you to recover with us from alcohol and other drugs.

Call us to begin your journey into recovery: 603-934-2020